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Longing to be in a beach

Nothing can beats the Hoseasons Talacre Beach if you are looking for an RNR with your family, friends or simply your company sends you to relax and get together with your co-worker. I am do admit that I can't wait myself either to step on those warm salty water. Swim and just enjoy the life of living in a tropical weather. I have been dreaming about that after my one year of stay here in a four season country. I know I will be venting the heat of the sun if I am still living in my hometown but at least when the sun is so hot I was inside our office working and enjoying the cool temperature with the help of a two horse power AC. I guess I have to keep dreaming and dreaming until the day will come. 


  1. Anonymous11:12 PM

    hi sis, uu hay paperwork na naman aba eh ang bayad pamasahe na pauwi sa pilipinas. okay lang 2 steps na lang tapos na

  2. hahaha...dapat sis magkuha kayo when its away from your travel date... we plan to go visit phils by dec 2012 hopefully the 3 of us can get a super cheaper deals kay its really expensive diba...


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