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A bowl of Chocolate Ice Cream

You might think I am one of the crazy people who ate Ice Cream even though we have a freezing weather. I am not, there are thousand of us who will seeks for a little bit of ice cream. It sounds crazy! But here I am showing my bowl of ice cream before munching the whole thing.

My favorite is always chocolate, and I am sure it is most people's favorite too. While sharing this article today I still have some left in my bowl. I am deciding to whether eat the whole thing or just dumped it. I love ice cream. Who doesn't? After finishing the whole bowl I got to make sure I drink a glass of water to cleanse. 

But for now, I guess reading about email marketing services while eating at the same time would be a great idea. It helps me understand more about what I am reading because I have something in my mouth. Weird but true. I can concentrate to what I am reading if I am chewing foods. 


  1. you're really tempting me:-) I can eat a pint of ice cream whatever flavor it is even in the freezing temperature we's one of my worries just now--how to control myself eating icecream ....

  2. Carolyn: hehehe... i'm really tempting you ate lyn...


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