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Hanging out with in laws...

It is quite sometimes that I hang out with my sister in laws like go to the store and do some girl stuff. I miss my sisters back home, but I'm glad that I have sister in laws, where I can talk too and hang out with. Just thankful enough to have a close family with you. That way you won't get bored. 

Anyways, we went to the store to buy some book shelve and mirror, at the same time stroll around to look for something to buy with. We also passed by this aisle of blinds and I was pretty much into looking for clothes for my son. Since, Summer is getting closer I need to buy him some shorts for he only has at least 6 pairs.

Took us for at least three hours to go from store, to mall then Joann fabric then home. Hang out with the rest of the family until we got home about eleven in the evening. My son is pretty much tired for a very long day.


  1. Wow! Such a day full of activities and hanging out...Nicebonding time with them I believe....


  2. webbielady: it's nice to bound with your inlaws because it helps you get closer to them even more


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