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I feel blah...

After drinking a large cup of vanilla cappuccino. I feel blah and no matter what I do. If I burped, I can still feel the vanilla cappuccino. After drinking one big mug of coffee this morning, I think my system is just screwed up. Blame it to the cup, last Sunday after buying vanilla cappuccino, I won the roll up prices to one of the store where we bought it. Now, I am suffering the consequences. I want to throw up but I don't like doing that. I might sleep this feeling just to get rid of it and hopefully in the morning it will be gone. 

For those people, who are not used to drink too much coffee or cappuccino, never over due it. For too much is too bad. Nevertheless, while on the computer and feeling blah it kinda make me feel better the amazing European holidays. I was imagining that hopefully someday, my family and I will be able to go and see those things. 


  1. hey, I know that store and that's where we use to go to win this month hehehe I love cappuccino and I love trying all sort of coffee just to know which one is best:-)

    by the way nov, asa man ka tigkuha ug opps? wala na jud ko karon..gusto ko mobalik na pod..

    thanks ha :-)

  2. carolyn: mao jud we won again this time its a free donut... ...

    i still have the same website te lyn, didto ra ko naga kuha wala man new sige lang kog refresh..usahay naay grasya usahay mingaw jud...


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