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I just can't wait...

Soon enough, we will be going to a very first time family trip. I love family vacation. Although my purpose in this particular city is to submit some important documents, we decided to take a day or two off just to explore the landmarks and tourist attractions. I know that this isn't as fabulous as other's vacay however, I am dying to spend this with my two men. It feels like I am on a journey seats. Nevertheless, it is like a concert that you have to explore the scene or music. Be more likely of having a lady antebellum tickets. I am overwhelmed right now and I never thought that this vacation will not be until next week. To my excitement, I was thinking it will be next week. It might be a hassle for we are all new to this Big City, but I really hope and pray that it will be a blast for me and my family. I hope it felt like having the neil young concert tickets in your hands. You can't sleep, eat and think straight until time has come. 

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