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We've got new Wood Fence

We have an old fence before, but not anymore. We  don't have plan of replacing the old one because it is a nice wood and it is perfectly fine. Unfortunately, last New Year's Day one of our neighbor decided to cut our fence and it was really bad. Because he was influence by alcohol. I never get the chance to capture the damage he did because when it happen it was snowing outside. Too bad, no more memories of that old fence. But I tell you it was pretty bad. The middle of the old fence was totally cut into two so that makes the fence detached.

After all the police report and the resolution our neighbor offer to us to get it fix so we will drop our charge to him. And he did when the weather finally gave him the chance. One down and more home improvement to go. I better make a list that way we don't miss a thing to the home improvement that I am suggesting with my husband. We might be considering of some replacement or get a new Modern Furniture added into our home. Who knows, we will see but a list would be a great start.

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