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My Flower this Spring

A very weird update from, I was thinking of moving my blog to a different website pretty soon. I have never encounter such deletion of entry, however it happened this week. Now, it makes me doubtful to get a renewal from them. Might as well by one a different trusted website that would never happen of having a missing entry. 

Anyways, I was not here to vent of what happened. I just don't like to re-write everything but here I am doing it again.This is one of the flowers we have this Spring. The first one to bloom and of course, I will never let a chance of missing the flower bloom. Although, it just a repeat. Didn't reproduce yet and still we are looking forward to that. 

Aside from waiting the rest of the flowers to bloom in our backyard, we are also buying some Furniture Bristol or a patio set to be put in our backyard. That way we can enjoy the nice weather outside, before winter comes. Enjoy the pictures.

This is our strawberry bed, although it wasn't cleaned on this picture I make sure that all the dry leaves will be put in a garbage bag to be burn at my Mother-in-law's place. They were supposed to be on the other side, nevertheless it is overtaking the whole half space. So, we might considering of making that space another strawberry bed. 


  1. same here Nova, the experience made me scared and wondered if I can move my blog with all my posts in there to another host, gee, hope it does not happen again, but that experience was very scary if blogger is capable of crashing like that!

  2. betchai: isn't that frustrating right? I have no idea what are the post they delete since they mention they have delete some of the previous post for who knows what are those... i might start looking now


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