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Biothera and flowers reproduce more...

Last year we don't have this much flowers in this particular plant. This year amazes me, my husband, mother in law and some friends who noticed our flowers beside our drive way. They bloom all at once, I was kinda sad because I know that sooner it will be gone. I would prefer for them to bloom one at a time. However, I could not stop mother nature and the free will of these flowers to bloom. They gave so much joy to the eyes of the viewers. 

Took the chance to take a remembrance for this year. I do hope they'll multiply more next year. They actually doubled this year and since I blocked the expansion I might considering to give them more space. Hope it will work for them next year too.

That's how many they are in the one spot...
Closer photo of one of the flower....

I went inside immediately to share this amazing flowers we have. While uploading and making this post, I kind of researching about Biothera that I came across with online. It is pretty interesting knowing how Biothera an immune health company to every person. It is really good to let our immune system fights for the bacteria that passes through our body. Our body will get use to it and if we got hit by some virus or bacteria our immune system will fights for it without any medication help. Unless it is very contagious that's a different situations.

Anyways, I do hope for one thing. To have a better health life with my family and have a wonderful flower again next year.


  1. beautiful blooms Nova, it is inspiring when they bloom like that, isn't it?

  2. Oh Pretty! I have flowers like this too in my yard. They are gorgeous!

    enjoy your weekend and hope you have a nice fourth of july celebration!


  3. Such beautiful flowers and the color is very soothing to the eyes too.

  4. Beautiful flowers are really refreshing to look at. These flowers are soothing to the eye. It's really relaxing.


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