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Tulip 2011

I glanced from our blinds ireland one morning and this is what I saw in our backyard. Our Yellow tulip has finally bloom. Again, I never expect that they will be many of them. But at least it grows back. I do hope though that next year, it will reproduce and not only two flowers, however I am hoping for more than two. I am probably writing a data about this flower. That way I could track each year. If it is a good idea to put them in the old tire. I won't complain, it is just that it would be nicer if you have more than two tulips in your backyard. I might plant more and see what happens. 

For now, I have to thankful that it grows back and it stays for awhile. 

Yellow Tulip of 2011


  1. Sis, okay naman ang camera ko am enjoying it so far. ganda ng tulip mo ah, tumubo ulit

  2. Wow, again it blooms, does it bloom only once a year ate?

  3. wow, nice naman ng flower...sana makapag plant din ako ng ganyan sa garden namin kaso baka mamatay lang sa init.

  4. Howdy sis? happy Monday!

  5. oh, it is very beautiful bloom Nova, glad to see it grows back in your yard.


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