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Finally Rain

After two consecutive weeks of no rain but just warm and humidity last night it finally rain. I haven't heard the rain pouring because I was sound asleep in our bedroom. Probably so tired that I've never heard even a thunderstorm. Hubby wasn't home because he was working a late shift. I was really praying that  night time is much cooler so we can sleep comfortably. And last night it finally did rain. Thank God for the cooler Sunday. Glad that we have a break for humidity once in awhile. It is nice to read about BRS Labs when it is cooler outside and inside our home. I can concentrate what's going on about BRS Labs and how it could affect me. I have nothing much yet, but I do hope it will give me more details later. 

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  1. I love it when it rains in the evening, it gives me sound sleep because of the weather. knowing our weather here:-)


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