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First Dishcloth

I never thought of getting into knitting hobby. I was too curious since, so when I get the chance to ask my favorite Sister in law. She taught me how to knit a dishcloth. It don't takes forever to knit one very simple dishcloth. Especially when it is as small as I have one here. I gave it to my friend the finished product so she can have a remembrance from me. I make a bigger one, a 50 count instead. The length is longer than the one I have in here. I love it, now I was using the dishcloth I made. And yes, I am very proud to used it. 

This also reminds me of a palm reading meaning my friend used to do for me. I was too curious about future, and I don't say I believe in palm reading but it would not be bad just to do it. It was fun doing it, especially when knowing what is going next in reading your past and future. 

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