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New Toy

I bought something online that was really intended from the money I save for a year. I need to update my 3 years old camera and I have to make sure that I research online. Ask people who has more experiences haunting cameras or dlsr for years. I'm glad that I've ask both my bff's about their opinion on what would be the best deal for a camera to buy. I ain't looking for something expensive. I am very picky yet practical that would not spend thousand of dollars just to have the BEST camera. I came across to Ebridge Advertising, where they have advertises gadgets. Ebridge advertising has many variety of items they advertise for. I was really happy that I check out the website. Just in case you would like to research or haunting for some stuff online. Don't forget to visit Ebridge Advertising first. Now I have my new toy, I will put a picture here soon. 

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