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Couldn't resist having long fingernails

I know, I love to paint my nails but I could not resist them once it starts growing. I don't like them since I start this itching habits. I know it is bad and it should be a matter of self-control, but I am weak. I would definitely knew right away that my fingernails needs to be cut off. Because I can itch and scratch just anything in my body parts. It feel so good and relieves me once I scratched them, however, it is no good. For I am very rough when scratching and sometimes I have to scab my scalp just because I over-scratch. It is something similar to have an Unsecured Business Loans Bad Credit. If you don't have them ensure you will going to regret  it someday. And as for me, I have to cut my fingernails in order to ensure my body part to look good and not scratches.


  1. Oh its also my weakness, scratching. But the worst part is that during sleep I scratched a lot unconsciously. :( So when I wake up I just saw the marks.

  2. Yen: I adhere it so much...if only i could chain my hands to somewhere it wont reach my


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