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Ice Cream and Angel Cake Desert

Take a good look of this dessert my husband ate one night. I was in the dining room when he prepared his own dessert since I don't have the appetite for one. I was really shocked that makes me took a picture to share with you how enormous his plate of ice cream and angel cake combination with three kinds of syrups chocolate, strawberry and caramel. I know, he have a huge appetite that I envy the most. He can eat tons and tons of food yet, you won't see any difference on this weight and body. 

A much clearer view for you to look at..

So, after I told him that I am going to take a picture with his plate of dessert. I teased him that I am going to post this in my blog and I did. If you have this kind of dessert everyday you will be needing money to buy for such. If you need money right away, there are personal loans that you can actually go to an borrow. However, if you have lesser food than this, getting a loan for something you need to buy is much better. 

I was just teasing my husband about this. Nothing person, that's why I do love you a lot.

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