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Just playing up with my cam features

I am playing with my camera's feature that is why I captured plants for now. I love to take pictures of this amazing creations and I want to make sure that I have got them right in my cam. I never touched them or edited in Photoshop for I want them to be the way they are when I share it here. It would be best to show what is it look like before you Photoshop them. Never even put my trademark for I know, nobody would dare to steal this because they were just nothing but simple captivity. Also, if you've noticed on the first picture my son was at the background playing with his dirty clothes basket, too.

I was a little bit satisfied looking at the picture I have taken with my camera's features. I am very glad that I upgraded and now I even love to take pictures. Maybe I will read more about the features in order for me to be more knowledgeable. 

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