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I am so proud to see that my photography is enhancing. Although, I never go to a school I make sure that I have a good shoot over the objects or living things that I am aiming to shoot with. This was the last dandelion, I've seen in our front yard that day. While waiting for hubby outside I took a quick shot with the dried flower/weeds, or whatever you call it. 

It turned out to be okay and I feel great to share this picture with you. I make sure I always took many pictures ,and from there I look which one is the BEST one that I captured. 

Thanks to my Olympus Camera it helps me took this amazing picture.

Now that I have shared this with you, it is time for me to check out the exterior shutters I will be going to put in our future house. I hope I can find the cheaper and nicer one. Glad I have enough time to do all of this. 

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