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Duet with Hubby

Singing Summer Time
That is right!!! Hubby loves to sing too. We love to sing duet together and it makes me feel great as well. This was taken during my birthday last month. Thanks to my sister in law who stayed the whole night for a little bit of karaoke.

We did sing more songs though and took more pictures, but I prefer not the share the whole things because I only took this picture from my sister in law's pile online 

Just want to share how proud I am to sing with my husband. 


  1. Anonymous12:14 AM

    You can take pics from this sis-in-law ANYTIME you want! ♥ (i'm anonymous!) :)

  2. indeed a nice bonding..I love music but unfortunately the musi doesn't love me, at all. i can't sing the right note..hahaha..I'll add you in my new baby at


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