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First day of Snow

I really thought this day will be the start of a stocked snow outside the house. It was the first day it snow here. I think it was early October. However, it didn't last because every time it reached the ground it melts right away. It was really cool to see snow for awhile that time. Poor trees it has still lots of leaves on their branches. Probably they were not ready for winter yet. 

If you noticed mostly trees has still leaves on their branches. It must be really cold for them too. I was excited for a while and then I begun thinking about snow skiing. I want to try them. Experience in my life since I am not pregnant anymore. It is about time for me to try different snow sports. 

Maybe we will set up a date for that. Hopefully, before winter ends I could at least try snow skiing.

White specks were a snow

Snowed...take closer look

Poor Tree...has still leaves on it and yet it was snowing


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Sis, thanks for dropping by :) I haven't been blogging in a while whew, i had expired tasks too :(

    Anyway, hope you will have a Merry Christmas with your family.

  2. Christmas is in the air, Snowman is going to show up na as the snow now falls:)
    Sory ate now lang ako nakapag bloghop, busy lately.

  3. Avee: thanks girl...

    Yen: thanks for dropping by...


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