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Home Lightning

The new place we are under renovation....
This is the future living room we will be having once this is done. We have to renovate some part of the area for safety purposes. We have to make sure that we have enough light to light up the whole living room. Since I am in-charge with the home lighting, I have some ideas in mind about this room. I want to make sure that we have a brighter light in the middle of this place. I don't like lamps for it is shadowy and I get paranoid with it. I never was used with using lamps at all. Besides, having a brighter light in the living room makes everything looks whiter and clearer. 

Pretty messy, however lately it was all cleared up because some of the debris were already thrown in the garbage and some of the items were given as well as kept in the box and pile them. I haven't got any update picture but I will for sure the next time hubby show us the place.


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