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First made Coconut Cream Pie

I was craving for something that my Mother in law made one time. However, she didn't made this dessert for a very long time, so I want to eat and couldn't wait for her to make it anymore. So, one night while we have our Sunday dinner at her place. I asked her for her recipe about the Coconut Cream pie. She was so excited to share me her family recipe. Got the recipe scanned and copied at my brother in law's computer. 

It took me weeks before I dare to bake. I was hesitant because I have never bake anything out from a scratch. My weakness is failing, and don't want to waste the ingredients that I didn't buy just to make coconut Cream pie. I told myself, I have to do this and make sure that I read, and follow directions and instructions. 

I am happy with the outcome of the baking afternoon. Good thing my son wasn't in the bad mood to bother me while I am concentrating on making the very first coconut cream pie. As you can see from the picture below, this is the baked coconut cream pie. The crust-pie itself is way too small from the amount of the fillings I shoved in there. It doesn't look very presentable, however I was so proud to share this here and even on the social networking where I am subscribe. 

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You see, you won't be able to know if you won't try. Just like me daring to make the coconut cream pie, even if I fail and I have the weakness of failure, I stand by it and make it. Just like getting into the good bank and ask. That is something we have to learn in our everyday lives. If you need help, go now and call them. It won't hurt you at all. Good Luck!!!


  1. I am not alone, this is also my favorite pie. We try to drive up to Fredrick County every fall during their county fest to buy Coconut Cream pie. I can't get enough of it!

    Thanks for the comments :) I hope you enjoy your weekend!


  2. Will try this one.

  3. oh, that looks yummy to me, Nova, can I have some please? I would love that.

  4. Tess: irresistible...

    Gengen: you should...

    Betchai: sure thing...if only your closer to me...

  5. looks delish i love you new layout sis..

  6. Wow, buko pie, I love that ate, can I have some. hehe.

  7. Rosemarie: thank you sis..i have change it again... tinamad na akong mag-edit pa so i let it be...

    Yen: i tried using the fresh shredded coconut meat, unfortunately it doesn't taste like the shredded dried one...i can't wait to make one in PI with the kind of coconut meat we have there....come here..i'll make more for you


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