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My Coconut macaroons

One of the best food that I wanted to eat all the time is coconuts. Something that has coconuts in it is what makes my day. While I was still in Philippines, I don't need to make them, because someone can make it for me. Or I could go to the store and buy a ready to eat one. However, back here it is not as common as in my hometown. So, I have to make sure that I mastered them, in order to cook those foods that I love to eat. 

I am glad that my husband loves coconuts too, so it is me and him who shares the fruit of my labor. I am also happy to learn different kinds of recipes from friends online and from the sources online. Here I am, showing you the coconut macaroons that I made last year. A good friend of mine also shares her recipe with me so here it is. I do enjoy the taste of these coconut macaroons because it is not so sweet that hurts my throat after eating five pieces in a row.

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  1. can I have some, Nova? I love macaroons, wish there is an app to get what I see in the internet :) happy weekend.


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