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Good News from a Friend

I got a missed call this afternoon while we are driving back home from an appointment in Buffalo City. I sent her a message back and ask her if how are things. To my surprised, she texted me back and told me about the good news that she and her fiancee were waiting. They are getting married pretty soon. Everything is in hurry because they were been waiting for the guy's divorced paper to be done. 

And I think, as soon as it was all done, they probably set the date for the court marriage and a church marriage. She invited us to come over for her wedding. But I am not sure if we will be able to make it. I know it is an important day for her and for her soon to be partner in life. I will do my best. It's the money situation here.

We went there last May 2011 for a short trip and business. I have to be at the Philippine Consulate personally for my passport renewal. We took the chance to take the quick vacation and meet them as well. They were our family friends way back in Philippines. 

I am glad that they were there to save us money from hotels. However, I can tell you that if you haven't been to NYC. You should, don't worry about rentals. There are affordable package you can get, like vacation rentals nyc. Great room rates and knowing it is NYC there are still more to look at vacation rentals new york city. Better find a great deals on vacation rentals new york now that there were many room rates that is affordable. 

Me and my family had such a wonderful experience from the trip we have. Although, we didn't get closer to the Liberty, I was hoping on our next NYC trip we will be able to get there even closer and this time we want to go there on Summer where we can enjoy the place without being freeze to death. 

As for my friend, I am very happy and excited for her. 


  1. thanks for the info, Nova, who knows, we may end up in NY wandering some day. best wishes to your friend.

  2. that's so true, just let me know if you do betchai i would love to meet a friend blogging wandering about ny


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