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Got hit by a stomachache

It happened two days ago when I felt weird in my stomach. I ate small amount and it growls like crazy. I put some mint on my stomach for thinking that I might be blotted. Apparently not, when one early morning I need to get up from the bed to go to the bathroom. That started my stomach pain. It is manageable but sometimes it is driving me crazy. I am the kind of person who is coward when it comes to pain. So, after researching what home remedy I need to do in order to stop this diarrhea and the awkward feeling. Now I am feeling better, never went back to the bathroom for some serious matter. Although, the stomachache stills there I do hope that by tomorrow it'll be gone for I am going to cook food for my son's birthday lunch.


  1. sorry to hear about that Nova, hope you feel better soon.

  2. hi sis, i hope you are better now..


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