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I got to complete the collector's bill

Being one of the lucky person. I completed the Collector's Bill before the deadline. I was so happy to see and get an extra points that help me earn more to get my gift card fast. It was fun searching, and knowing that you'll win sbs when you search from the search engine. 

This is basically the routinely things I did everyday. Earning more points that way I could save more and get more and quick every month. Although, the gift card request is limited to 5 per month. It is something big than nothing at all. 

Another way for me to earn while spending time online. Other than that, I am still looking for a nice DATS Jobs that could help me earn bigger, however this is better for now than nothing at all.


  1. wow daghana naman ka ug online earning sis oi..can you share to me?

    btw, thanks for visiting my payag..i back to blogging now..hopefully, for good na hehe

  2. wow how lucky are you. its amazing to see how productive people are proceeding in the internet business these days. thanks for the great post

  3. carolyn: still waiting pa jud ko aning mga reply button ba..i think blogger doesn't like me at all..huhuhu...sure thing, if you see me online sa FB buzz me and i'll walk it with you...

    bicpens: that's so true, homemakers don't have payday like those who worked ft...looking for sideline while watching your kid should be a must...thanks to internet business i'm one of those happy and lucky mama...


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