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Sweet Potato Pie anyone???

I have never heard about Sweet Potato pie that my Mother in law made. Until while browsing to a website where I usually get Filipino recipes, I came across to the dessert section and there you go! I found a Sweet Potato Pie, I asked my MIL if she have tried this kind of pie. She said never did, so I make two pie and brought the other one pie to MIL's house. When she ate it, she appreciate how she love it and commented that it is just like Pumpkin pie. Only that this is even sweeter. I loath to make this for sometimes I over look the ingredients and recipe. Glad this time I didn't it turned out great and we enjoyed the dessert.

I couldn't imagine myself cooking foods, baking until I became a mother. It is different to make your food, healthy food to serve for your family. We need to be a good example with our little ones in order for them to see and value the good things and responsibilities we do in our lives. 

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