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Painting our Son's future bedroom

As I have previously mentioned about the moving to a new house pretty soon. Here are some of the improvements that we did in the house. It is slowly but surely, although I wanted to help as much as I can, it is pretty hard to have a 2 years old with you. Wandering around the place while you are trying to finish as much painting as you can. 

Multitasking is what I always do when I have the assignment in that house. I have to watch my kid not to get harm and making sure he won't be leaning against the wall where I have already painted. It is double work for me, but at the same time, it is something I can help to my hubby.

This is the other side of the bedroom...not too wide but good for one kid for now...
 Pink was the previous color of this room, for the last look before I covered the whole thing with the new one we got.


  1. Wow a new house ate. Yes, little by little you can arrange things in the house accdg to your design.:)

  2. that's true yen, soon we are moving here...


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