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Couldn't think of anything

Being a stay at home mom, I sometimes got bored with the routinely things I do at home. Chores, and cooking meals for my family. Although, there is one thing that I never get bored with, being our son. As he grows bigger and more independent every day, there are times that he would rather play by himself. I do respect that, and those are the days I get so bored and couldn't think of anything else. 

I have been thinking last night, on what to cook for today's meal. I don't have anything new in my mind. Cookbooks are super nice to have, however sometimes I just want to prepare a simple and quick meal. Asked my hubby before he left for work, on what would he like for dinner. A very not helpful response was 'Don't know when will I be home'. That means, they are getting started to be way too busy at awning place.

Now, I am stocked here. Still thinking what to make for dinner. Something new, and something good. My mind is still empty and has no ideas. Would you like to help me out? It would be my pleasure to get ideas from you.


  1. i too always get confused what to cook Nova :) but I do enjoy cooking :)

    1. I am glad that I am not the only one who struggles of thinking what kind of food to make every day....


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