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The house were we are going to move in

This is the future house we are moving in. I am not sure if I was able to blog about this, however if was doubled I don't remember. 

This is just the other part of the place. It was a two lot, and yes I have a very big backyard that I dreamed to have. That way I could plant my flowers, vegetables during summer and have a nice landscape around the house.

For now, we are more concern about the inside, we have to finish the renovation or else the we need to ask for extension to the bank again. Hubby is pretty much exhausted because he is the only one who work in the house aside from his other sibling and someone. I would love to help but the problem is we can't bring our little bundle in the house, just way to dangerous for him inside. Can't rely to my hubby's siblings [some of them] that's why I am upset that I can't help him when I needed too. 

However, God is so good, we met a family here the wife is Filipino and they have one son. I am very thankful that they understand and willing to watch our son while we fix the house. Very grateful for this family, kind heart people. Nevertheless, we also won't want to take advantage of their kindness. So, I truly can't help my hubby every night.


  1. hope all will be well in furnishing your new home, congrats to you and your family Nova for the new house.

    1. thank yo ubetchai...we are doing our best to hopefully finished before this month ends.


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