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Never gets contented

If you visited my page often, you would know exactly from the title of the post why I have named it "Never gets Contented". I know that is me, I would like to get what I wanted, although it might takes a little while for the decision to be made. I still have do make sure that I get what needs and sometimes wants. From a very nice template, I prefer and choose a very simple one. 

If you can remember, I been wanting to have a reply button on my 'comments' area. Now matter what template I used it never had any. Nevertheless, choosing the one blogger has is absolutely pretty quick. I do hope when I pick out a new template, the 'reply' button stays on.

For now, I do hope it motivates you to read more about my articles while looking at a simple background.

Happy Monday!


  1. oh, I wish I can help, I already forgot how did I change mine to something where the reply button comes out.

    1. that's fine Betchai: at least know i am satisfied with the template 'for now' maybe it's time for me to research the answer to my question... i just way too lazy to read, i

  2. hi sis, i wanted to have a reply button did you do that?pls share

    1. oh no problem, i couldn't figure it out yet, that's why i have this temporary template..however, i will definitely share it with you once i have read about it


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