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Getting for another Box

The only thing that makes me feel happy and satisfy is sending some goodies to my family in Philippines. Because I wasn't been there to spend time with them, what makes me happy is to make sure they'll received our gifts.

Although, this stuff were not those very expensive items, however I do find they are so excited every time they received a balikbayan box. I guess it is on every Filipino to send out as many boxes as they could afford to share their blessing with their family. 

I can't wait to distribute this item ourselves to my family. Nevertheless, my parents thought we aren't going home this year for Christmas and a very long vacation, if possible. Now, this box is over loaded, I have to get another one for I have more stuff to put in. As promised, I will send out two balikbayan boxes since I didn't sent out one last year.

Trying to arranged things to fix in the box as possible...

Items that weren't sorted out on the table..makes it all messy


  1. the joy of giving, I can feel your joy Nova, hope they all fit in

    1. thank you Betchai, i am sure they will...


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