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House Update: New Wall

That's right, I have mentioned here most of the time about the new house we are about to purchase. The refurnishing me and hubby are doing are still on going. Nope, it takes months and months to finished it because we don't have help from anybody else except ourselves. 

One good thing is hubby putted up the wall that divides the kitchen and bathroom. And he put up a new dry wall on it to cover the old one and we will be able to paint it with the color we choose for the rest of the kitchen. I am happy and so is he that things are working faster and faster now. We still hope though that we will be able to finish the renovation before July 4th which is fast approaching. 

Since we are progressing quicker than we though, I might as well start packing some stuff to take in the new house. That way I won't be stock of packing  things at once. 

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