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I felt guilty

This is a true story based on what happened with hubby's experience last night. It was around 12:00 midnight, when he went down to the basement for something. He just got back from furnishing that other house, that's why we are still awake. For reasons that I haven't asked him why he went downstairs, and when he got back, he told me something funny yet makes you feel guilty afterwards.

It makes me still smile every time I imagine the exact thing that happened in the basement. Okay! Here it is... He asked me, if I have noticed the mouse in the house lately. I said "NO." He goes, will I've seen it in the basement. Want to confirmed to me how big was the one I saw,to make sure if the one he was and that one 
I saw were the same mouse. I couldn't really remember because this mouse is way too fast to ran when I saw it and hid.

Anyways, as he goes on. He told me that this mouse were startled when he turned the lights on inside the basement and hid very fast by the stairs. Probably didn't realized that we are still awake, so the mouse hid on the stairs and hubby was on the 3rd last steps. He wanted to catch the mouse and take it somewhere so it won't stay in the house anymore. It is not safe, especially when you have a little one. 

In order for him to capture the mouse, he took one of our son's heavy filled diapers. He said that at least it weighs 5 pounds. And he dropped it right straight to where the mouse was hiding and landed right on its head. He got lucky and it hit the mouse, hubby was concerned he might scattered the mouse body parts into piece and will went all over the place. However, he was wrong. The mouse was intact and laying shaking. It's like it probably seen stars because of the heavy object that was fallen on its head. I laughed thinking, because I never thought it will really happened here. 

So, it was still alive, hubby took it out and thrown the poor little creature into someone's garage way farther to ours. After he told me what just happened, I felt guilty and sad over the experiences that poor little mouse had last night. As to my hubby, he felt the same thing too, nevertheless, the mouse has to go. 

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