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I'm so Hot

Okay, I don't want anyone to get offended here just because I have to admit that I am so Hot. What I am trying to say is that, since Summer hits the environment gets even more humid. That I am feeling so hot all over my body. 

I wasn't complaining about the warm weather, in fact I was thankful that we have weeks of heat. Even though I felt sticky and no matter how many times I have to take a shower to refreshes myself, after 10 minutes it'll go back to normal temperature. 

However, I am thankful that at least I experience those 10 minutes of coolness instead of fainting because of too much humidity. No wind that would at least divert those heat somewhere, just totally plain nothing. 

So, there you go! If you feel hot then you are one of those who are hot during summer season.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Novah,

    Are you in the Philippines... Thailand is very humid too... but we are more alert of the rainy season coming here... afraid of the flood here...
    visiting you everyday...


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