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Way to eat Ampalaya [Bitter Melon]

This is one of my favorite dish when I was still in Philippines. Although at first time I tried it, I never started to like it right away. 

As a little girl, you wish you never been fed with vegetables. If only we can eat meat and junk foods all the time. However, having a great parents to showed us on how to eat the right healthy foods, they have to give it to us, whether we are going to like it or not right away.

Nevertheless, those childhood days were not easy for me. I cursed eating green leafy vegetables. I came to the point to wish that during meal time, time will stop so I could eat what I want and skip those hard times on the dining table beside my mother. But, that never happened, I don't have the time machine with me. So I swallowed the vegetables without chewing them. I could not imagine how I did it, but because I want to get done with it, I have to do something. I just can't hid everything on the same place right? It will be very obvious for my mother and she'll be able to find out.

Anyways, today I came to accept that eating this healthy foods helps to give you natural vitamins and nutrients that our body needs every day. As you can see, if you are familiar of the picture, it is a bitter melon or "Ampalaya" as what we  known this very healthy fruit. I did love eating them now and I did enjoy every single bite I have. 

Because I have so many leftovers, what I did is put the rest to a shrink wrap bags in order to save them and then eat them once I have the cravings again. 

I came to realized that, there are people who takes awhile before overcoming the fear of eating foods. It is a matter of compromising and look what goods it can give you.


  1. nice info... can u add me to your blog list... I follow you already in google friends connect and link you in my blog lists... thank you and God bless...!

    1. thanks for the visit and add Irvin...sure thing I can do that...

  2. love ampalaya, one of my favorite foods of all time, can't remember however if i dislike it in childhood since i learned to love veggies and fruits first (the only one i really hated eating then was the "tisa"- that so dry yellow fruit loaded with vitamin a and beta carotene).

    1. it's funny to think that we don't enjoy eating them when we were kids, however, now that we know what good it can give to us, we compromise and we did get used to them in a longer time... oh that tisa is good, i like eating them...unfortunately we don't have that much in our place before. so it is rare that i ate them...


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