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Rainy Sunday

We will have a rainy Sunday and it is starting now! I didn't noticed it was raining after checking out the window outside.. I have notice that the house gets darker and darker until it is pouring outside. Now we can't go to the fair because the big man in the house procrastinates of going. And oh! They put up the tent! Yet he never knew exactly what is going on.

This is so hard of not having your driver's license, you end up being dependent. If I have a choice and money, I could get an instructor to help me with this and get my road test at once. I know I am not having a very good Sunday, maybe because it is raining? However, I am still fortunate that inspite of all those humid week days. We finally got rain and cools our ground as well as me.

For now, I'll just check abode taps where I might be able to find an appliances that would replace our refrigerator in the house.  


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