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A Friend's Gift

These was the gifts my husband got from his long time friend. Just for the sake of playing Mortal Kombat on Xbox. Hubby don't have one yet because there is no sense of buying one when we have Wii to play with. Although, the games were not the same and if you want to get hook up with your friends online you must have the same game player. To make the long story short, when hubby's friend finds out that he don't have an Xbox he bought him one. Here it is, never expect it will comes with a one year subscriptions to the Xbox live, and plus two more games. One was of course the Mortal Kombat. As far as I know, they only played once because both don't have the same free time to sit and play. Hubby's friend is in California, so there is a three hours time difference between the two State. 

Knowing the fact, hubby never expect this early gift for him from his friend that he just recently found on FB. Who knows, his friend might buy him unexpected gift again, that would be great. Oh so you know, we never spent a dime to get one. I guess there are still good friend out there inspite of the fact they were far from each other. 

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