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Good Breakfast and Snacks

AS time goes by, as a Mother, I was thinking of changing my unhealthy meal. I want to be a role model for my child/children. As parents, we have to show to our kids on how to eat and enjoy the healthy food and the choices we do.

For breakfast you can choose fruits, milk and low carboat meal. It has more vitamins and nutrients that we need for the whole morning. Of course if you want a healthy snacks the same oatmeal can be use, however eating oatmeal is not as boring as you think.

My Mother in law just showed me her brand new cookbook about oatmeal. Everything on that recipe book is basically how to spices up the oatmeal, and enjoy them while you bake it with different recipes. Now, I will enjoy oatmeal more than before.


  1. Wow so the spices is not that boring anymore because of the spices. That's a good thing though, I will try to look for an oatmeal for the next weekend and add some spices too.

  2. Indeed, we mother should be setting good examples to our kids. In the case of food-- healthy eating we need to show them! :)

  3. I used to eat oatmeal all the time. Now I'm more into bread. I know I have to be a good example to my Baby D , so I am willing to change my eating habits too. To make him eat healthy, I have to eat healthy first.

  4. wow, I want that kind of cookbook. Hubby loves oatmeal.

  5. Anonymous10:04 PM

    I always take snacks during breakfast which i supposed to eat a lot but I'm not used to it. I cooked meals for my kids but not for me...

  6. We do not like to eat oatmeal Momi but we eat breakfast especially for the kids as they go to school :-)

  7. my little man said he will only eat healthy food because it is good for him.. i wonder what he will say if he knows what is in his breakfast sausage lol.. anyway, i love oatmeal even if i have issues with it from time to time.. i eat it with milk and a bit of sugar for breakfast

  8. i am one guilty mother when it comes to food "sometimes". I know we should be a role model when it comes to healthy lifestyle. However, we try to give our kids fibers in their meals which helps them have a proper/daily vowel movement

  9. yes it is really important to feed our kids healthy food. but its also ok from time to time to give them treats.


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