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No signs of movement

Just tonight we spoke with our electrician in regards with the electricity. What really is going on and what do the power company need us to be done in order for the power to be turned back. 

It is a bit frustrating for our part, because have been waiting for the power company as well as the inspector to be more direct with what they needed us to do, so our electrician would be able to summarized the work and get it done with. 

I don't even want to think and share about it, because it makes me frustrated that we thought we are going to move sooner and here comes more code ways. According to this and that, and I am sure it is also for our safety issue, but please we need to know what should be done so we could wrapped up the whole thing.

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  1. Last thing I hate happening is not pushing through with what's been planned because that means, you'll just have to re-plan again, recoup the logistics and all an the time and effort has to be done again too.

    I hope everything works out well for your move soon. I can feel how frustrating it can become but just think that it's for everyone's safety.


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