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Beads for my Sister

Handmade jewelry is pretty awesome and crafty. I do admire those people who do have the talent of combining nice beads from the smallest one up to the biggest one. They know how to balance and make jewelry look astonishing instead of being too much.

This reminded me of my older sister, she loves to handmade the jewelry beads I used to wear when I was back in my hometown. So every week I have a different and match jewelry of earrings, and bracelets, why those because those were the only style me would love to wear. For some reason, I like a real rings and necklace not a big fan.

As when the day has come, I get even more enthusiast to see her for after 4 years of not physically had seen each other. I would buy her his nice Fire Polished Beads so she could make more for me, for her daughter and for my other siblings and nieces. It might take awhile for everyone to have their own pair but at least I could cater the beads from here.

Are you looking for a decent and cheaper beads, get yours now!


  1. I love to make homemade jewelries but my schedule won't allow me. Beads bought online are really nice.

  2. those are cute beads. Me too, i admire people who has a crafty talent. I wish i have the kind of patience they have.

  3. My daughter love making accessories through beads. Affordable lang kasi sa SM isang box. At P100 she can make 5 personalized bracelets na..

  4. I have several friends who are very crafty. They make jewelries and other accessories using just their bare hands; no machines at all. They make money out of it so it's really pretty cool.

  5. I love people who are crafty, too. Somehow I am not that gifted and I am not so detailed and patient. LOL! Hope your sisters enjoy her beads!

  6. Wow, you have a crafty sister Nov. I admire those who do handmade accessories too and there were even times i tried doing but it is not just for me.

  7. I also admire friends who have the skills to do that thing. Sad to say, wala jud ko ana. Mo suot nuon ko okey ra pero i am up to necklace lang pud. hehehe

  8. yeah me too, it is very sis in law makes these too and its crafty


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