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Furniture Arragements

Left: Son's dresser in his bedroom, [center] my dresser in our bedroom,
[right] blanket chest-set 

Glad to have a productive weekend. It was nice to have a great weather too; it does help a lot for me and hubby to work on some important things. First got the car cleaned up after months of its last general cleaning. Oh by the way, men never pay attention to their car as much as women do. Because I have heart, and would never wait for a rainy or snow falls, yesterday was the best day for a car cleaning.

We got a help from our tenant to move the two dressers to the other house. For those who weren't updated YES we are moving to the other house my husband bought.

Anyways, while at the other house, I got the chance to put the dressers to where they should be, rearranged some furniture upstairs and never dared to clean downstairs.

Didn't get my outwear gear so didn't rake the rest of the dry leaves outside. I do hope hubby will be able to get home from work early as possible so we could clean the backyard before the first heavy snow falls. 


  1. waaahhh! This reminds me to fix my room today.. I'd been longing for a holiday from school and hospital rotation to work for my room's re-arrangement of my shelves and furniture, but i still can't find right timing. I think I should get this started today, coz it's a holiday today here. :)

  2. hands-on-wife & mom huh? hehhehe i do that too, when i see our van so filthy and need some serious cleaning i'll have to step up and clean it myself. It feels good to have a productive day too.

  3. Congrats on your new house and enjoy the move :-)

  4. wow! good for you mami novs kay productive kaayo ka. akong ka-productive kay bantay bata ra kaayo. lol

  5. I am the one who do the arranging sa among mga furniture, i mean ako gaboot, pero sila ga alsa hehehe

  6. It sounds like a busy day for you Nova. General cleaning may be exhausting but after looking at your place cleaned up and well-organized is a relief.

  7. Maypa ka Novs hehe, I'm not that kind of woman, aheheh. My husband cares our car more than me, as in I never care, sama..hehe. And the arranging yes I'm the planner where it should be but i'm too small to move in and out or such:)

    By the way congrats to your new home:)

  8. Can relate you there too i am into arranging our stuff tou our new house lately! Twas tiring but fulfilling isn't it?

  9. Very productive indeed, hope your hubby will arrive soon to help :D


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