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I miss traveling

One thing that changes everything when I moved in USA is to go to different places. Although the travel is within the country, however that experiences is amazing. And even if you visit the places more than once still, the feeling of not being stock in one certain place would not be there. I do miss my last job in Philippines too, the busy days I have, traveling from one place to the other. Just simply being inside the car and been driven into the area, is the opposite of what I experienced now.  

I do not blame my husband for taking me here, nor regret of not be able to travel as much as I did before. I am very happy to where I am now; in fact I am very Bless of having such an amazing husband, and son.

The reason why I have missed traveling, it’s because most of the blogs that I’ve visited to was about traveling, it is very much fun to go to a different places. Even if it’s because of company related, business or simply pleasure. And I think, missing something what you often do before is not bad, however the only thing I can do is to move on with my life, for someday, things will be  back to what I had before.


  1. yes it's fun to travel from one state after another :) I've never been to outside the California yet but i'm looking forward to our next trip :)

  2. sis travelling is one way of learning a lot of cultures and is a lot of fun, hope you can travel soon

  3. Traveling here in the US is most fun especially if you go to other places by land. Hopefully, we could hit New York next summer! Road trip is just what my family's love is. :D

  4. We used to travel a lot too but now that the kids are growing and in school, taking off is just not easy.

  5. I'm not a heavy traveler either but that didn't stop me from keeping a travel blog because I know at some point in my life I would. Besides it doesn't have to take a long distance travel to make a travel post so feel free to make one, hehe...

  6. Anonymous10:38 AM

    i missed it too! Before i came here in US, i told myself that i have to travel around the US and explore beautiful things but when i have kids, it changes everything. i love travelling i just hate the idea of having kids when travelling.

  7. i miss traveling too! i used to work in the corporate world and we do a lot of traveling in and outside the Philippines, i miss that job, one of the best jobs i had! maybe, one of these, you'll get to see the world! :-)

  8. I miss travelling too feel like u get stock in the house if you we don't explore. someday were going to travel somewhere in california where my relatives is living.

  9. for all you know, your friends in the Philippines are so envious of you for being there in the US! i am, too, actually! hahaha!! hope you will have more trips in the future, sis! Ako pud, diri ra sa Bangkok na tanggong.. but I don't stop dreaming!


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