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Oxymoron Entertainment

As the day goes by and by and as my birthday is fast approaching, I feel butterflies in my stomach. The feeling of unease and anxiety, I have no clue why I am feeling such thing. I do not know, maybe because I don’t know exactly what I need. Aside from the good health and happiness together with my family, or maybe just anxious because December is pretty much closer, yet I’m excited for anything.

While babysitting my friend’s son, I was browsing online while they were playing in front of me. Browsing online sometimes gives you learning, see thing that you don’t see outside the house and know stuffs that no one will tells you except reading in the news.

I came across to a page of Oxymoron Entertainment. I have never seen nor heard about Oxymoron Entertainment at all until today. I was curious just like you when you read the page. Out to my curiosity I found something interesting. I won’t say another word, however you have the right to whether check out the page or not. That is all up to you.

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