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5 Most Popular Online Games For Female Gamers

Games are mostly associated with males, but now females are gaming too. Ladies like the easy games that do not require complicated skills to play. Luckily, there are several games available for girls to play with their friends and when they are at home bored alone. Here is a list of some of the most popular and easiest games girls love this year:

1. Farmville 

Farmville is an online game that girls can play with their Facebook friends. This game is so popular with girls and young people that it has attracted more gamers than “World of Warcraft. Girls love becoming the farmer because it is easy. They are required to complete tasks throughout the game and gift and micromanage their staff. Girls often spend hours mastering this game.

2. Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart is popular with the girls because it is easy to learn and provides hours of fun. Girls mostly enjoy the Wii version of the game, but the Nintendo DS and Game Cube versions are also popular. The Super Mario music and moves are addictive, and girls have fun mastering the game with their friends.

3. Dance Dance Revolution 

Girls enjoy dancing, and now, there is a game to help them with their dancing skills. The game is compatible with almost every gaming console a girl might have in her home. Female fans love the game because it is fun, high-energy and easy to learn. Whether girls are throwing a slumber party or just a gathering at the home, it is a crowd favorite and a good ice-breaker. Dance Dance Revolution is also a great way to exercise. Girls become physically fit while dancing to the music.

4. Nintendogs + Cats

Girls who love pets will sincerely enjoy this game. With this game, girls can take their virtual pets for a walk, or they can bathe and feed them. Contests are also available for gamers to enter their pets. These contests are incredibly funny and provide hours of entertainment. Many girls develop a strong affinity for their virtual pets. Parents love the virtual pets because the animals don’t shed, require potty training or die suddenly. Virtual pets are recommended for girls of all ages.

5. Katamari Damacy 

Girls love this three-dimensional game that was built for the Sony gaming console. Girls of all ages enjoy rolling the ball over the entire world. The ball rolls and picks up household items in its path. Common items include food and home furniture. Girls spend hours laughing at this gaming presentation. The visuals are impressive, and the soundtrack is entertaining. Many girls learn to control this game with minimal effort.

Girls Love Funny and Intelligent Games  

Girls like games that are funny, entertaining and easy. If they learn something also, that is an added benefit. Consider downloading a popular game and trying it this season.

Written by Darren W.
Darren works as a web designer and is an online gaming enthusiast. His latest addiction is the free slot machine games on  Darren also writes reviews on the latest released games.


  1. #1 and #2 are familiar to me :D i used to play farmville but it has gotten to a point where it consume a lot of my time and become unproductive so i stop for good and even blocked all the game invites to my wall. Super Mario Kart Wii version, we do have that and my son plays it not me though.

  2. Farmville and Dance Revolution sound familiar to me but guess what, i have never ever played them! :D

  3. Farmville I played before as well as other games on FB but now I already shy away from all those as it really eat my time instead of doing productive works :-)

  4. I never played this online games since I am busy with my other blogging activities hehhehe.

  5. I once played farmville and yes twas good game :)

  6. oh i used to play farmville before. but i stop because its so time consuming and i got no time at all to play anymore. but its a fun game though

  7. I like Farm Town ,'s not in the list though, I also play Farmville before


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