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The Long Flight

I wasn’t expecting this very exhausting travel. I know of what might be the consequences of travelling alone with a 2 year old kid. Nevertheless, since I wanted to visit my hometown for so long, that consequence was ignored.  I told myself that I will accept whatever it takes, provided that I and my son will be able to visit Philippines and get there fast and safe.

The first flight was from Buffalo, NY to JFK Airport. It was so smooth that I never had problem with my son. Gave him a fruit snacks to chew while the plane takes off and land, so his ears won’t hurt due to the change of pressure. He never complains and I was proud of my little brave man.

Heading towards departure Gate and waited for hours at JFK Airport for our next long flight, I let my son run around the huge terminal in order to exhaust him and will be able to fall asleep as long as he can during the flight. It is very effective for he did slept most of the flight. But before that happened, chasing him in the terminal is no fun at all. I have the thought of not proceeding into our destination because of the exhaustion, which thought didn’t win, instead I fight for it. There were also times he was fuzzy after a very long sleep, I figured it might be of being discomfort on his position for he wasn’t on his bed. It only takes a while then he is back to being a very good boy.

Landed at Narita Japan finally, after a 14 hours flight, I thought it will only take 1 hour for the layover but for the aircraft delay our flight schedule got affected and we had at least 2 hours delay original boarding time. I am also fine with it, for Chaos just slept for another four hours until we landed NAIA 1.

Finally, no more plane ride for a while until our next flight to General Santos City. Now, we are at my sister’s house in Laguna, bonding with her family for I missed them so bad.

I tried to keep up with everything but my body is just exhausted and I have a jet lag. I guess I have to rest more in order to adapt that time difference between the two countries.

Lastly, I am very thankful for our safe travel. God guides us all the way to our destination. And thanks to my son’s cooperation and behaviour the whole experience is best the most that don’t have a nice flight experience.


  1. Long flights really bores me. In flight movies are the only thing that makes me sane while sitting for hours.

  2. glad to know you had a safe journey home...having a kiddo while traveling is indeed a challenge...I hope your body aches are gone by now...have a blessed week! :)

  3. I'm glad you're both home safely now. It takes a while to adjust your body clock to the Philippines time. Just sleep according to the time there and also hydrate yourself and your jet lag will soon be over. Avoid caffeinated drinks for the time being.

    We've been traveling back and forth US, Asia, Middle East for more than a decade now. Trust me, I still haven't adjusted to time zones especially when you're crossing the Atlantic bec that's when you lose time if you're coming from the West and going to the East.

    I also had the chance to travel alone with my daughter in many occasions while she was I guess, the same age as your kiddo. She would ran, climb chairs, hang on the bars and run some more. It didn't wear her off but I did! Thankfully, she was always behaved when traveling regardless the distance. She'd just sleep. We've had our fair share of missing a flight and even having to sleep in an International airport somewhere in the world, just me and my daughter. It was an experience I would not forget!

    Traveling is will never be easy with younger kids. But don't worry, it changes when your kiddos gets a little older.

    Do enjoy your vacation and take care!

  4. Welcome back to Pinas. Take some time to rest and enjoy your vacation. Where are you staying in Laguna nga pala?

  5. Glad you had a safe trip journey back home, Novz. Welcome back to Lupang Hinirang. Takes lots of rest. It's hard when your body gives in to fatigue and exhaustion. When ka pa- Gensan? If you have sometime to spare for an EB when you're here, don't hesitate to give me a PM :-)

  6. I am green with envy hahaha. THe travel is all worth it! You are braver than me, I don't think I have the courage to travel alone with my kids.

  7. I'm glad that you arrived in our motherland safe and sound sis. Just get the much needed rest and I am sure you'll definitely get back on track.

    I just can't imagine how hard it is to travel with a kiddo but as a mother that is one thing inevitable. I hope you enjoy your vacation.

    Keep us posted :)

  8. wow, at least mami niabot na jud mo...despite the long hour flight...sos, kalami kau sa imong vacay...dugay pamo diha?! beef loaf lang ako mami...ehhehehe!

  9. glad to know you and Chaos have safely arrived Nova, I still have one week of school here, and then, off I go visit our "lupang hinirang" too, and yes, there are two things I so dislike and hate about travel: long flight and time difference. first time i went home, i got sick and got diarrhea ( i was not careful enough and ate fruit salad served there, i failed to realized we were not used anymore to the same dairy). hope you and Chaos will be on top of your health.

  10. I hate traveling myself with a kid's. I already done that when my daughter was 18 months and that was not38l84 fun. After couple days I have still jet lag and we both got sick.So what we did when went home my hubby bring us back in the US with the same flight though we pay an extra but thanks God hubby doesn't care anymore for our rebooking fee and that was easy flight back when hubby is around to help taking care of our daughter.Enjoy your vacation.

  11. I'm sure your trip feels worthwhile especially after you have given yourselves your much needed rest.

  12. Yes! the flight is very long Momi Nova :-) glad you made it safely :-) Have fun and enjoy your stay in the Philippines :-) Please bring me some pasalubong :-)

  13. You may find it weird, but I love to travel by plane. No matter how long. :)

  14. Good to read that you had a safe trip sis! :)

  15. wow...that was super long trip with 2YO kid?.. galing ha...ako din hirap sa travel if kasama ko si Iris..pero okey lang..bilib din ako sa baby mo in fairness..


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