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What keeps man look nice...

I remembered when I  was still very young, I often see my father holding his single edgeraz or blades together with his mirror every other morning in the bathroom sink before he goes to work. I was watching him shave until he was done. As a young curious girl, I have no idea about such thing but yet I have been so amazed of what it can do for my father. For me, it keeps my father’s face clean and smooth from those manly hair on his chin.

As the time goes by, and as I get older I came to learn about human needs and necessities. I realized that my father’s single edge razor blades is just one thing every man needs in order to have a fine and smoother face. Finding the one that has a good quality is also important so it would last after using them. Reading reviews from previous buyers is also a great way to know the kind of razor blades you should get.  


  1. My husband uses only one kind of razor blades, once he find something good to use, he stick with it. He used to have a beard when we were still dating online but before he came to see me, he shaved it as I don't like beard lol.

  2. My hubby always have a clean double-blade razor by the vanity. He doesn't grow a beard nor moustache but he just wants to be clean-shaven all the time. I for one, wouldn't like touching his cheeks with stubbles :)

  3. i guess this is really a necessity for males, i remember my younger days where i won't kiss uncles or even my father when they have not shaved :)

  4. Whah, kung naging uncle pala ako ni Betchai, never nya akong i-kiss. Ever since kasi I wear a mustache but keep my self clean of beards. But on the bright note, it is best to see a clean-shaven man. Mukhang executive, so then I look pala as a goon.

  5. razor is one important thing for my hubby...thanks goodness because I want him to be clean-shaven all the time or else...hehehe! :)

  6. I think razor blades will always be a part of every man's hygiene kit. It is a must for them to use it to keep them clean and pleasant :)

  7. I like a man more without beard.. They appear younger and they look more clean.. Another thing is, I literally am allergic to beard.. One time, when my husband visited me while I was still in the Philippines, he didn't shave for like 2 days, and every time he'd kiss me on my cheeks, or rub his face against mine, it turned red and itchy.. I really didn't have to worry about my husband, because him being in the military, he must keep his face beard-free, so he shaves almost every other day.. He also uses a particular brand of razor blade because his face is so sensitive when it comes to that.. He's after the quality..


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