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Do Mosquitos sees in the Dark?

Because I was awake so early in the morning, my mind is wondering about this kind of question. I am now in the Philippines and mosquitos here are everywhere. That’s why we need to watch, clean and double check our environment in order to prevent getting those deadly viruses that was brought by a single bite of a mosquito, which known as “Dengue Fever”.

Two of my nephews was being bitten by this blood sucking monster. Don’t know exactly where they are bitten for both went to school. No matter where you are it is best to be cautions and apply those mosquito lotions to protect our love ones.

Anyways, this question just pops out in my mind, while waiting for me to fall asleep. I have no idea, and neither the people in this house. In order to fill out my question, I have to do my research. I have to use the power of modern technology.

Can a mosquito see in the dark? The answer is NO. They can’t see but mosquitos have compound eyes just like any insects. They don’t see in far away, however they can smell the heat and sees just figures closer.

Means only one thing, it is better to turn off the lights when sleeping in order to have a less chance of being bitten by this blood sucker.

Glad this question came out  all of a sudden, I have learned from my own subject.


  1. Lol isn't it amazing what we start to think about when nodding off to sleep. I never knew the answer either so thanku I've learned something new myself today aswell xx

  2. I think it doesn't matter if its dark or not for the mosquitoes because they have a pretty good sense of smell. I hate them, my daughter is allergic to their bites.

  3. bonnie holt1:26 PM

    I hate mosquitoes. I am always wearing something to chase them away

  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I never knew that, I will have to remember that being that it is getting to be mosquito season.

  5. I never knew that either. Although they have been known to find me in the dark if I am outside!! To my knowledge Denge Fever is not in the area of the US where I live thankfully!!

  6. That's nice to know! I hate mosquito's with a passion lol I call them little drones, its like clock work, I walk outside and bam I'm hit like they knew I was coming. No matter what I have used for repellent it does not work for me! They love my blood! I never thought about whether or not they can see in the dark. I have thought about things I wouldn't normally think about on my way to sleep lol :)

  7. Im allergic to mosquito bite, be careful esp. this coming rainy season

  8. Thanks for sharing this info

  9. I am really allergic to mosquito bites and have tried everything to avoid being bitten. They still manage to find me and bite me.

  10. interesting my son loved reading this post couldn't wait to go tell his teacher what he learned

  11. Mosquitoes seem to have a special place in their hearts for me!


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