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Watched this movie together with my mother, brother and his wife. I will start the story base on my understanding. Don’t want to spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen and would like to watch it.

The husband killed his wife and took his two daughters with him to nowhere. Driving over a speed limit the older girl Victoria asked the father to slow down, as he is disturbed at the same time. He crashed his car and fell off a cliff. Still lucky and alive, they continued to walk on until they find an old house in the middle of the forest. There, then the father planned to kill the girls and himself but failed to do so because of the thing showed up and banished him forever.

The girls Victoria 3 and Lily 1, were left on that scary hut. Waiting for their father to be back by the fireplace. Unfortunately he never showed up, this thing helped them and watched them for five years. They were found after so long, and since they were in the wild, they don’t act as human at all. Apparently, since the oldest is old enough to regain her speech back. And being taken care with, they started to act the way they should be.

Since the thing was the one who watch them they called this “Mama” and even joins them even when they live with the custody of their Uncle, which is  their father’s brother. Since then, all the scary things happened. The Mama still does what she does with the girls. Then the jealousy starts, she wants to keep the girls but as no one sees Mama, adults don’t see what is going on.

The reasons why, this thing wants them it’s because a thousand years ago, she was an asylum and her baby was taken away from her. So she finds her baby and end up jumping on a cliff. Even after death she still searches for her baby, and ends up having the girls.

Lastly, Victoria never listens to Mama but her younger sister Lily did, she still thinks it is her mother. Lily jumped with Mama off the cliff.

The stories are scary, yet very heartbreaking at the end.


  1. This is my kind of movie sis, what's the title of the movie please?

  2. oh! hubby would love to watch that kind of movie, he loves scary movie.

  3. Sounds a lot like Orphanage to me. I only watch a few scary movies because aside from the fact that I get really scared easily, I really would rather fill my mind with nicer things. I get easily affected by negative stuff and movies like these hunt me in my sleep. hehe

  4. Seems a nice film to see judging by the review you've shared. Ano ba ito local or foreign film?

  5. unfortunately, i'd always choose romance,love stories and comfy.


  6. My! Seems a scary movie and an interesting one too. I will invite my cousins; Marie and Zoran to watch this movie with me when I found this movie somewhere on the internet.

  7. One of the movies I have been wanting to watch.. Na-intriga ako sa trailer nya.. And I also love horror movies kaya ko din sya inaabangan.. =)

  8. Yaiks! Not my type of a movie, mami Novs! LOL. But it's always fun to watch one with somebody. :D

  9. ahhh... share the title pls... mo tan-aw ko hahaha


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