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Exhausted and Drain

I am talking about my brain. From the sponsored post that I’m writing to the product reviews I’m doing at the same time. My brain needs some break. I know I shouldn’t be pitching in more products to review but since I haven’t gotten that much sponsored post lately why not getting busy with different kinds of product reviews.

I thought I got it all control, however unfortunately not. I am to the last reviews that needs to be submitted for it’s been a month due. Although that company hasn’t complained about how delayed the review is, nevertheless I am not taking any chances to be banned.

So, the consequences, my brain are way too exhausted to think and drain that needs to recharge. Plus, I have at least two more sponsored posts that need to submit before they end up being expired.

Oh dear! What am I thinking? 

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  1. the say busyness is a blessing :) happy for you Novs, so many blessings pouring your way, and yeah, take time to relax too.


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