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Just and update..

After 3 days being since my departure in Gensan to Manila. I finally have the chance to write down. Due to the hormonal changes, I seldom update my blogs that’s why I don’t have much post blog offers.

While spending time with my sister and her family, we came to watch the movie titled ”Pitch Perfect”. I have heard and seen the movie trailer of this movie before however, I got lost in track when I spent my 3 months vacation my hometown.

It was such a nice movie, if you love acappela and music together, this is your movie. A family genre movie, comedy which I recommend you to watch. Now, while updating this post, I’m listening to the movie’s soundtrack. It feels good.

What’s the next step? Maybe just hang out more with my sister before we leave and back to the USA.


  1. hmmm.. i just might love this one.

  2. Nov, never heard of that movie. Kinsa ang main actors or actresses?


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