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Maroo Review for my Ipad2 Case

Taking good care of your precious gadget is one thing we do. First we make sure to buy them a cover case and protective screen in order to give them protection. To prevent them from scratches and make sure it is away from dust all the time. 

I'm a very picky person and it took me awhile to find the best one for my Ipad2. I would love to get a cover that has its own design and gives me the fashion whenever I have my gadget on hand.

Browsing online is one thing that helps me find the one I truly want. I have Tatau case from which I do find interesting. I am happy that I choose the right cover for it perfectly fits on my ipad2. It has a very protective cover that assures my screen will be covered. It has a back lock that holds my gadget in place and I do find it very sturdy and secure. 

I mean, it is not that easy to come off however it is easy to put in. It has a magnetic cover that would automatically detect and shuts my iPad to sleep when I close. 

While I’m reading my ebooks, I have the comfy hand to hold on since it has a strap where I can hold onto. It has a secure support at the back that holds the stand whenever I want it to stand or while I’m typing.

I love every single feature a maroo cover has. Now my iPad is protected. Whenever I accidentally bump it, I would not worry about any scratch for it has a sturdy cover case that keeps it safe. 

A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the item for free in exchanges of my truthful review. The outlook being expressed is a 100% exclusively mine


  1. Very pretty cover! If I had an ipad I would certainly look into purchasing a cover from this company

  2. Love the design cover, great choice, we have covers for our ipad already but will bookmark this for when I need another thanks x

  3. I got mine today too, I like the quality of their ipad cases.

  4. they have nice pretty looking covers. i got mine a couple of weeks back. im enjoying it.

  5. Great looking design. Will look into them and see if I can find something for our phone. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Every Ipad needs a case for protection. That's cool that you got one to review!

  7. How pretty. I love this case.

  8. That's a cool ipad case, I don't own one, so I can't relate, but I think it's gorgeous :)

    Liza Barnett


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